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Current Progress

UPDATE: Regular Folks Making MULTIPLE PASSIVE SALES From One Page Designs... 

REVEALED: How To Use AI To Create One Page Digital Products That Sell Passively!

WITHOUT: Drop-Shipping, Websites, Design Skills, Sales Techniques Or Paid Traffic. 

Repeat Passive Sales With JUST ONE DIGITAL FILE?

I've got something exciting to share. In this masterclass, I'm taking you into the world of done for you print-on-demand passive sales!

This Is What's Possible With Just a Little Bit Of time:

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I'm going to show you how to create a fresh NEW side hustle that's tailor-made for beginners seeking a new way to earn online.

...And As Always, I Give You Tons Of Proof!

>>Check Out The Massive Amount Of Designer Earnings!<<

You know that I always come with proof and detailed instructions so that you can potentially duplicate or surpass what I've done with this super easy method and FREE AI TOOLS!

The BEST PART IS, You Don't Need Any Of These Things:

  • No Need For Drop-Shipping
  • No Need For Amazon
  • No Need For Multiple Designs
  • No Need For Etsy
  • No Need To Build a Website
  • No Need For Multiple Digital Products
  • No Need To Learn Sales Copy
  • No Need For Ecom
  •  No Need For Multiple Content Pages
  • No Need For Paid Traffic

5 Minute Products That Sell Passively!

Looking for a way to boost your passive earnings without a major time commitment? Print-On-Demand is your ticket to turning your spare moments into a thriving side hustle.

Imagine this: You create highly marketable products in just five minutes, and you don't need any design skills to succeed. It's the perfect way to supplement your earnings, whether you have a full-time job, other responsibilities, or simply want to explore a low-effort income stream.

Just Upload Your One Page Digital Designs For Free...

...And Let The P.O.D. Sites Do All The Work For You!

Selling your one page designs is as simple as uploading and letting the Print On Demand sites handle the rest.

It really is about working smarter, not harder.No need to worry about traffic, setting up a complex e-commerce website, dealing with shipping logistics, or managing customer service inquiries. P.O.D. sites have got it all covered.

These POD sites take care of printing, packing, and shipping your products, leaving you with more time to do whatever you want.

Never Worry About TRAFFIC Again Because This Includes IN-HOUSE BUYER TRAFFIC!

Get a NON-STOP flow of hungry buyers visiting your One Page Designs.

There's no need to do SEO, social media or pay for traffic! 


Because All the buyer traffic you need is IN-HOUSE, people actively look for the digital items you are selling on these Mini buyer search engines!

Are You Ready To Start Earning Online With Simple One Page Designs?

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Little designs like this "Shrimp Shirt" have earned me thousands in passive income. 

It's very satisfying to create high-selling POD products in a matter of minutes without the need for freelancers or creativity. 

....Just find out what the niche market wants and create the design using free AI for a product that sells over and over again, it doesn't get better than that!

Simple Enough That Anyone Can Do It!

Uncover Untapped Niches

Let's turn your curiosity into a recurring income. Together, we'll dive deep into discovering hidden niches that are ripe for the picking—stuff you've never seen before.

Platform Pro Tips

Ever felt like the online world is a maze? I'll guide you on using platforms that are buzzing with FREE eager buyers, giving you access to a whole new world of opportunity to earn.

AI Magic Made Easy

Not a tech or design whiz? No worries. I'll show you how to effortlessly leverage AI-generated visuals, transforming ordinary ideas into catchy slogans and captivating designs that people want.

Showcase Like a Pro

Ready to shine online and convert traffic into passive sales? I'll help you learn the ropes, making your designs stand out and resonate with potential POD buyers.


Explore the world of Print On Demand (POD) and turn your spare time into a side hustle for passive earnings with POD Prints.

Discover profitable POD niches, create and profit from unique POD products, and utilize AI prompts for outstanding designs. 

Benefit from a video case study, step-by-step training, and a proven method for acquiring free, high-quality buyer traffic. 

Join us now and start your journey towards financial independence with POD PRINTS!

What You Get Inside:

Easily Find POD Niches

Get my proven method to find sub POD niches that are easy to rank for, and perfect for passive earnings. 

VALUE $174

Create & Earn With POD Products

I show you how to easily put together and passively sell unique POD Products a variety of niches. Full Rights Included!

VALUE $122

DFY A.I. Prompts

I give you my best POD illustration prompts for consistent commercially viable images you can use for your POD products!

VALUE $153

Full Video Case Study

Inside, users are greeted by a case study showing one my POD accounts. I hold nothing back and everything is revealed.

VALUE $172

Step-By-Step Training 

I take users by the hand, revealing every aspect of the POD business with step-by-step videos, and easy to follow written instructions.

VALUE $198

Complete Free Traffic Training

I reveal exactly how I get FREE quality buyer traffic in ANY POD NICHE without off-page SEO.

VALUE $121

Listing Checklist

You get a detailed checklist to follow so that you don't make any mistakes when you publish your POD listing! VALUE $109

Completely Free Method

You don't need anything to buy after you get this method, I show you how to do everything with ZERO COST!


OVER $1,000 Value!

Regular Price: $289

Yours Today For:

See You Inside...

Ike Paz   //  POD Seller

I have over 9 years experience earning online using passive and semi-passive methods. Out of the methods I use online, Print On Demand has been the easiest to earn from. 

The Cool part is, you don't need to chase traffic or mess about with website creation.  

On top of that, you don't need to ship anything or design anything!

Ike Paz

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have License Rights To My POD Products?

Yes, anything you create with the tool kit inside of POD Prints is yours to sell or giveaway.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

We only want people who are serious about earning online with POD products, we are not interested in people who lack commitment. Remember, this is a proven online business model so there are no refunds or money back guarantees.  

Do I Need a Powerful Computer To Do This?

No, everything is online, all you need is a laptop and a wifi connection.

What Kind Of Niches Are Included?

There are millions of sub niches you can go after within the POD market.

Have Newbies Really Earned Using This Method?

Yes, many people around the world make and passively earn from print on demand products with the exact same methods within POD Prints.

Can I  Do This Is Different Languages?

Yes, you can create and sell POD products in multiple different niches, and in multiple different languages.

When Will I Be Charged For Membership?

No it's a one-time fee, there are no recurring fees.

Will I Need a Website For This To Work?

No, the majority of pod sellers sell pod products off of third party websites with built in buyer traffic. I show you how within POD Prints.

Are There Any Upsells, OTOs or Upgrades?

No upsells at this time.

Will I Need To Advertise With Paid Ads?

No, all the traffic sources I teach within POD Prints are free buyer traffic.

Do You Provide DFY POD products?

No, but I show you how to easily create and sell them using 100% free tools. The best part is, you don't need any design or tech skills whatsoever.

Do You Update Training?

Yes, training is updated based on what currently works in the POD market.

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