How Many Low Content Books Do I Need To Make Money?

Entering the world of low content book publishing is an exciting prospect for anyone looking to make a passive income.

While the allure is strong, especially on platforms like Amazon KDP, the question remains: “How many low content books do I need to make money?”

This post will not only answer that but also offer data-driven advice on how to maximize your returns in the publishing arena.

Understanding the Types of Content Books

It’s crucial to distinguish between the different types of content books, as each requires different levels of investment and offers different returns:

  • Low Content Books: These include items like journals and planners, characterized by minimal textual content and often relying heavily on design and layout.
  • Mid Content Books: This category includes puzzle books and coloring books, which require more thoughtful content creation and often engage users more deeply.
  • High Content Books: These are your traditional books, filled with extensive narratives or informative content, such as novels or educational books.

Though starting with low content books is easier due to their simpler content requirements, mid content books typically offer a better balance between creation effort and financial return due to their higher perceived value.

How Many Books to Make a Profit?

The answer varies, but here are the critical considerations:

  • Focus on Quality Over Quantity: The market has shifted from quantity to quality. Rather than producing a large volume of mediocre books, the goal should be to create fewer, better-crafted books that truly cater to a specific audience.
  • Perform Detailed Market Research: Utilizing tools like Publisher Rocket can help identify profitable niches with lower competition, crucial for planning your book topics and styles. Knowing your market can significantly decrease the number of books you need to launch. Discover effective market research strategies on Amazon KDP.

Key Strategies for Success

  1. Niche Selection:
    • Focus on niches that you can consistently produce content for and that have a hungry audience. For example, engaging puzzle books have a dedicated following, and you can learn how to tap into this market here.
  2. High-Quality Design:
    • Attractive and functional designs can make your books stand out. Take advantage of free resources like those available at Royalty Prints for high-quality book covers.
  3. Expand Within Successful Niches:
    • Once you find a successful product, expand your range within that niche. For instance, if your coloring books are popular, consider offering a Done For You coloring book service to cater to specific themes or audiences.
  4. Optimize Sales Techniques:
    • Master the use of Amazon Ads to boost your visibility and sales. For cutting-edge techniques in ad strategy, check out profitable Amazon Ads methods.
  5. Utilize Print on Demand:
    • Platforms like Amazon KDP simplify the logistics of book publishing by eliminating the need for inventory, allowing you to focus on book creation and marketing.

Beyond Amazon: Exploring Other Platforms

While Amazon KDP is a fantastic starting point, exploring other platforms can amplify your reach and profits.

Platforms like Etsy are great for selling printables, while IngramSpark can broaden your distribution beyond Amazon.

Each platform caters to different audience segments and can help diversify your income streams.

Long-Term Growth and Sustainability

  • Feedback and Adaptation: Continuously gather customer feedback and adapt your offerings accordingly to ensure your products remain relevant and desirable.
  • Automation and Delegation: As your portfolio grows, consider automating routine tasks and outsourcing complex ones like design and marketing to professionals.


There’s no definitive number of low content books needed to guarantee income. Success in this field is more about strategic actions and less about volume.

Focus on creating quality content, understanding your market, and adapting to industry trends to build a profitable low content book business.

Understand everything you need to get started with Amazon KDP by visiting our comprehensive guide here.

Whether you’re exploring low, mid, or high content books, the key to profitability lies in quality content and strategic marketing.

By Ike

Ike is an online entrepreneur specializing in creating and selling printables, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) books, and other print-on-demand products. He's recognized for his expertise in generating passive income through various online ventures. Originally from south Florida, Ike now resides in southern Japan, and is an Elite Vendor and Top 5% Affiliate. Since 2015, he has been actively running multiple online businesses, including creating and selling mid-content books and providing training courses on how to create and sell printable products and mid-content books online.