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Current Progress

"Learn How I Generate a Passive Income with Children's Books WITHOUT Drawing Images Or Typing a Word!

Plus NO Need For Email Lists, Websites Or Paid Traffic....

  • NO NEED For Tech Or Design Skills
  • Create Kid Books Quickly With AI Software!
  • NO NEED For Email Lists Or Websites
  • FULL Case Study Plus Video Training

"Tap Into The EMOTIONAL SPENDING Of Parents Everywhere In The 

$2 Billion Children's Book Market!"

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I'm going to show you how this short little kids book SELLS PASSIVELY EVERYDAY!


  • X Illustration Skills
  • X Plagiarized Content
  • X Writing Skills
  • X Rehashed Content

On top of that, it took me LESS THAN 4 HOURS to set up, and I use FREE BUYER TRAFFIC.

How do I this? Well, I sell print-on-demand children books on sites like Amazon, I then create a BUYER'S ECO-SYSTEM using nothing but free tools, that gets me NEW CUSTOMERS from different online outlets.

Yep, you heard me right. You DON'T NEED TO be a talented writer, draw anything or spend hours creating content to create these results. 

My step-by-step guide shows you how to leverage the power of this emotional buyer's market to make money online passively, even if you have no experience or creative skills.

You'll discover how to find profitable niche keywords and easily create popular kid's books that loving parents want to buy!

Whether you're a stay-at-home parent, a retiree, or just looking for a proven side hustle, this method is perfect for anyone looking to earn online passively. 

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get started.

My Simple Method To Charge


Here's the thing, children's books have a higher perceived value, meaning that parents are willing to pay MORE for them. 

And with the children's book market worth a staggering $2 billion a year, there is a huge demand for these short little books.

But it's not just about the price. Children's books also appeal to the emotional connection that parents have with their children. 

The cool thing is, these children's books are short, to the point and super easy to create, if you follow my simple guide and tutorials.

My method shows you how to make money online with children's books without writing a single word or drawing a single image. 

This Method Is Effortless, So You Don't Have to Worry About:

  • NO NEED To Spend Hours On Niche Research
  • NO NEED To Write ANY WORDS! 
  • NO NEED To Draw Or Illustrate ANYTHING!
  • NO NEED To Hunt For Traffic
  • NO NEED To Buy Rehashed Content
  • NO NEED To Share Profits With Affiliates
  • NO NEED For Paid Ads
  • NO NEED For Sales Skills
  • NO NEED For Expensive Freelancers
  • NO NEED For Expensive Outsourcing
  • NO NEED For Tech Skills
  • NO NEED For Design Skills
  • NO NEED To Spend Money On Shiny Objects That Don't Work!

How I Got Started In This


Hi there,

I'm Ike Paz, and as a father of two little kids, I saw my wife buy dozens and dozens of children's books on Amazon KDP, at first, I thought it was just her, but I WAS SERIOUSLY WRONG....

...I did a little digging, and learned this is a HUGE MARKET ($2billion/year) of hungry and EMOTIONAL BUYERS! 

I knew I had to get into this LUCRATIVE opportunity...

...But the problem was, I DIDN'T HAVE:  





HOWEVER, I was DETERMINED to learn how to crack this extremely profitable market!

So I paid thousands of dollars to learn the secrets to create children books without ANY skills what-so-ever...

...and the BEST PART is, you'll learn the EXACT same easy-to-implement techniques for a FRACTION of the price!

I am now able to create and sell print-on-demand children books quickly and easily, without any roadblocks at all!

Learn How I Created An "INCOME LOOP" From Children's Books That Provides Me AD Revenue Along With New Customers!

Learn how to create a passive "income loop" using your children's books, in a newbie-friendly and straightforward way. 

Inside of Children's Book Royalty Academy, you'll get the EXACT METHOD on how to leverage your children's books to generate income through book sales, attract new customers, and create advertising revenue....

...While building your brand and creating repeat customers.


The Children's Book Royalty Academy is a video course and training that provides everything needed to create and sell high-quality, in-demand children's books online. With our easy-to-follow method and toolkit, Learn how to create and sell children books without any writing or design skills. Our video course and system provides step-by-step guidance and all the resources needed to make and sell children's books on the world's largest e-com site.

Feature Roll-Call

Easily Find Children Book Niches

Get my proven method to find children's book sub niches that are easy to rank for, and perfect for passive sales. This alone has helped many newbies earn on online passively for the first time.

VALUE $174

Create & Earn With Children Books

Within Children's Book Royalty Academy, I reveal how to easily put together and passively sell unique CHILDREN BOOKS in a variety of niches. Full Rights Included!

VALUE $122

DFY Description Listing Scripts 

No need to fuss over SEO, Titles, Descriptions and Pricing, within Children's Book Royalty Academy,

I also reveal how easy it is to list and publish children's book!

VALUE $153

Full Video Case Study

Inside, users are greeted by two  case studies showing two of my children's books

VALUE $172

Step-By-Step Training 

Within Children's Book Royalty Academy, I take users by the hand, revealing every aspect of the children's book business with step-by-step videos, and easy to follow written instructions.

VALUE $198

Complete Free Traffic Training

Within Children's Book Royalty Academy, I reveal exactly how I get FREE quality buyer traffic in ANY children's book niche without off-page SEO.

VALUE $121

Collect Ad Income From Children Books

Within Children's Book Royalty Academy, I show you how to get NEW CUSTOMERS from different sources and how to collect a stream of Ad revenue from it.

VALUE $152

4 Proven Conversion Boosters

Learn how to EASILY MAKE MORE SALES PASSIVELY with these four proven sales techniques that you only have to implement once per listing. These little four elements can make or break your listing.  VALUE $177

AI Verse Content For Kid's Book

Within Children's Book Royalty Academy, I show the very BEST WAY TO CREATE PLAGIARISM-FREE AI CONTENT, this includes my step-by-step videos, and easy to follow written instructions.

VALUE $228

Consistent AI Book Illustrations

No one is teaching this! Find out the ONLY REAL WAY to create consistent and cohesive illustrations for your children's books using my AI 3 STEP PROCESS! This alone will give you an GIANT advantage.

VALUE $302


You also get editable book cover that are proven to convert into traffic and sales. The best part is, you don't need any design skills, you just need a mouse and a laptop. NOT an Upgrade! Comes Included!

VALUE $428


Best Converting Book Cover REVEALED! FNot only do I reveal the best converting book cover but I also provide a step by step training guide showing you how to duplicate the same book cover WITHOU DESIGN SKILLS!

VALUE $299

Income Loop Children's Book System

Within Children Book Royalty Academy, I show you how to easily REPURPOSE your children's book for alternative passive income streams and for MORE REVENUE & MORE TRAFFIC! VALUE $455

Book Cover Border Template

Easily create book covers without design skills, that attract eyeballs and sales. Everything is revealed inside. Full Rights Included! 

VALUE $193




HURRY, This Goes Up In Price Soon!


The Best Time to Start Earning Online With Children's Books Is Now!

It's time to start earning online passively from the monstrous children's book market using my real world methods that are proven to convert over and over again. This current offer ends soon, so become a Children's Book Royalty Academy member TODAY!

HURRY, This Goes Up In Price Soon!

See You Inside...

Ike Paz   //  Children Book Seller

P.S. Let's be real, we've all probably wasted money on useless methods and software before. But I can assure you, the Children's Book Royalty Academy video course is the real deal. 

I've been making passive income from children's books for over 5 months now, and I've made sure this course is super easy to follow.

Hear me out, whether you're a total beginner or an experienced pro, this course will help you start making money online. 

Ike Paz

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have License Rights To My Books?

Yes, anything you create is yours to sell or giveaway.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Because of the large amount of positive testimonials and case studies from current members. 

We only want people who are serious about earning online, we are not interested in people who lack commitment. Remember, this is a proven online business model so there are no refunds or money back guarantees.  

Do I Need a Powerful Computer To Do This?

No, everything is online, all you need is a laptop and a wifi connection.

Can I Do This Is Different Languages?

Yes, you can create and sell these books in multiple different niches, and in multiple different languages.

When Will I Be Charged For Membership?

No it's a one-time fee, there are no recurring fees.

Will I Need a Website For This To Work?

No, the majority of book sellers sell books off of third party websites, like Amazon.

Do I Need The Upgrades?

None of the upgrades are required.

Do You Update Training?

Yes, training is updated based on what currently works in all markets.

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